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The Poisoner Receives Acclaim Worldwide

“I love this record and I love Lisa Mann… a musical monster… heavy metal with all the needless bullshit stripped away…Melody. Musicianship. Songwriting as art and (witch) craft!”
~ Dark Juan, Ever Metal (UK)

The Poisoner is a “sensational masterpiece” “without a doubt a firm candidate for best album of the year.”
~ Pere Guiteras, Manners of Hate (Spain)

“Maybe Lisa Mann is just Ronnie James Dio’s lost sister…. WHITE CRONE is this year’s compulsory event for all enthusiastic fans of female fronted classic metal.”
~ Michael Haifl, Streetclip (Germany)

“Reminding me of Seventh Son by Maiden at some points… music to raise swords to”
~ CarcassBomb, NoobHeavy (Australia)

“epic vocals, roaring riffage and tasty bass lines”
~ Luke Parsons, Abrasive Noise (USA)

“juicy, high-energy riffage… I can’t get enough of the whole album… unapologetically badass”
~ Jessie May, Alternative Control (USA)

“a high quality sound that can easily compete with major releases… strongly influenced by Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden… the bass on this one is incredible”
~ Nik Cameron, Glacially Musical (USA)

“Lisa has indeed a great voice, rich and powerful, she dominates the compositions with ease… This indeed sounds like a bow before the classics and the masters that did perform them in the days of old.”
~ Dennis Eikenkotter, Reflections of Darkness (Germany)

“It is very, very good. Check this album. Well worth it.”
~ Blessed Altar Zine (International)

“One of the best traditional metal albums I’ve listened to this year… I absolutely love all these songs. …timeless, clear production.”
~ Rachel Montgomery, Metal Temple (International)

“Mann’s rich timbre and tone draws parallels to Ronnie James Dio… White Crone have delivered an album that is thoroughly enjoyable…”
~ Adam McCann, Metal Heads Forever Magazine (Canada)

“Lisa undoubtedly understands the genre and its purest roots… a brutal and powerful honesty that is transmitted to the listener… Ronnie James Dio… I dare say that our protagonist is the female version…”
~ Daniel Vazquez Lobato, Subterraneo Webzine (Spain)

“Lisa’s voice is incredibly strong… the bass is what dominates the spotlight, almost a tribute to bassists like Steve Harris and Geddy Lee… a high level album… first class production…”
~ Mauro Antunes, Radio Rock Nation (Brazil)

“the new album is a testament to her passion for traditional metal and doom… Study her work.”
~ Editor, Flight of Pegasus (Greece)

“if you are in for old school, classic heavy metal, give this album a full, enthusiastic listen.”
~ Hard Album Review (International)

“This is a sound straight from the era of classic, high-quality heavy metal, with exceptionally powerful vocals.”
~ Jenny Tate, Rock Queen Reviews (UK)

“The Poisoner is… a good album, which can suit all lovers of vintage heavy, doom and hard rock”
~ Mattia Loroni, Heavy Metal Heaven (Italy)

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